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Preventing Identity Theft When Using Credit Products Online

credit cards

Imagine this: You try to use your credit card and are told it’s over the limit.

You know that’s impossible because you just got the card. You check with the issuing company and find someone else has been using your name and social security number. Not only did they use this credit card, but they have also opened a variety of other accounts that are all past due.

This scenario is a very real possibility.

Identity theft is one of the fastest-growing crimes in the United States. And what makes it so devastating is that many times you don’t know you’re a victim until months later when the overdue bills come and hostile bill collectors’ call. Before you know it, your good credit is gone. The damage is done!

Thieves use various forms of fraud and deception. They steal credit cards to charge on existing accounts or steal personal information to open new accounts and charge thousands of dollars. Over one-half million new identify theft cases are reported annually and the number is growing quickly. Because it’s a relatively new crime, many states don’t identify it as a crime and if they do, the punishment is minimal. And what’s worse, most thieves go uncaught.

Typically, the damage criminals do when they steal another person’s identity and use it to commit fraud, often takes far longer to undo than it took the criminal to commit the crimes.

What can you do to help this New Age, insidious crime? Here are 20 important suggestions:

1. Check your credit reports annually. This is your first and best prevention. Contact the three major credit reporting agencies (,, and and get copies. Look for incorrect information. Report discrepancies immediately to them.

2. Guard your Social Security (SSN), driver’s license and health insurance card numbers. Many companies ask for them for their records, but ask them to use another number. NEVER give your SSN to anyone if you didn’t make the contact first. Don’t carry your SSN card with you and never have it pre-printed on checks.

3. Guard your passwords and PIN numbers. Don’t let them been seen. At an ATM, look around to ensure no one is standing close. Don’t write them down or keep them in your wallet.

4. Don’t store passwords on your computer. If you need reminders, lock them up in a safe place. Use passwords that are hard to decipher. Don’t use your mother’s maiden name, birth date or the last four digits of your SSN or telephone number. Use a combination of upper and lower case letters and numbers if you can.

5. Know when your bills are coming. If one is late, call the company to find out why. A missing statement could mean that someone has contacted them and changed your billing address so you won’t see charges piling up. If you are short of cash and cannot pay this bill – apply for a short-term $5000 loan to get yourself back on track.

6. Shred all unneeded documents that show personal information. Remember all those unsolicited credit card applications that you throw away? They are an open invitation to an identity thief to open an account in your name. Shred credit card receipts, financial documents and mix them in with the smelliest, gooiest garbage you have as further discouragement.

7. Never put mail in your open mailbox for the postal worker. Deposit it at the post office or in a locked mail drop. Thieves patrol residential areas and steal mail to gain personal information.

8. If you’re going out of town, tell the post office to hold your mail or rent a post office box with a lock. If your neighborhood doesn’t have a locked, community mailbox, talk your neighbors into getting one to protect all of you!

9. When speaking on your cell phone, never give out personal information, credit card numbers or anything else a thief can use. Radio frequencies used by these devices are easily intercepted or overhead.

10. If you surf the Net, consider getting a “firewall” to protect information and prevent hackers from breaking into your PC.

11. If you purchase through the Net, always look for the little “yellow lock” in the lower right hand of the page that shows it’s secure.

12. Thieves use software programs to search for e-mail addresses on large websites so never use your e-mail address as your user ID. They send you an official-looking e-mail asking to verify or update account information. Report any suspicious emails to your Internet provider.

13. This also applies to someone who claims to be a bill collector, government employee or utility worker. Call the company they say they represent to get verification.

14. Create a unique password combination on your laptop and never use an automatic login. Log off when you’re done. Never store financial information on your computer unless absolutely necessary.

15. When you get rid of an old computer, just don’t delete personal information. An identity thief has special software that can retrieve it. “Wipe” utilities are available that make files unrecoverable.

16. Ask all the places that have your personal information, doctors’ offices, accountants, loan officers, insurance companies, schools, courts, and the government, how they protect your information from thieves. Ask them to shred any documents with personal information.

17. While at work, keep your purse or wallet in a safe place.

18. Carry only the minimum number of cards and identification.

19. Always keep credit card numbers, bank account numbers, driver’s license and their respective customer service telephone numbers in a secure place.

20. Print this list and share it with families, friends and business associates!

Have your own tips to add? Get in touch with us!

This Is All You Need To Get Collateral Free Business Loan

The 2008 financial crisis has brought in place a new door of opportunity for small businesses to get the much desired financial loan that is needed to move businesses in the right direction from banks. Getting the required collateral through banks is however an issue; this is welcoming you to the world of alternative lending.

The Preambles

No matter the size of your business concern, you are entitled to unsecured financing which you can get through several alternative lending sources. You will get the loans through these sources without any form of collateral; however, you will require paying higher interest rates as compared to what obtains from the traditional banks. Qualification for the loan will be based on your credit history and the record of your revenue generation ability. Getting the loans is easier through alternative sources; however, some measures have to be in place to ensure a successful application. The following steps are mandatory:

Create a Solid Business Plan

If you want your loan application to sail through without any form of the bottleneck, then you have to get yourself prepared adequately well by equipping yourself with a solid business plan. Your creditworthiness is a factor. Further, you have to show proof of a solid revenue generation base if you want to pass through the process without issues. What is your business purpose and how do you intend to make money? What are your detailed financial statement and your cash flow projections? Above all, how will the loan affect your business? The details of all that and several other related issues should be tidied up before you step out to approach the lender. When questions bordering on any of the above areas are asked, you should be in a position to give solid answers.

Double-Check Cash Flow Projections

Just like it was stated earlier, there are high-interest rates on unsecured loans and this is the reason why you have to make all assurances doubly sure towards ensuring that you are ready to meet up with the challenges that come with the loan repayments. The annual percentage rate can be 10% and it can be triple this amount for some lenders. You must not be in a hurry to get the loan because failure to repay as at when due will damage your credit score which will make getting future loans impossible. Make assurances doubly sure on your cash flow projections and ensure that you have sufficient funds to repay the loan.

Clean up Your Credit

Another step that you are strongly advised to take before you go for the loan is to make sure your credit score is tidy. This is necessary to avoid paying a higher interest rate on the loan. Though with bad credit, you can get the loan you have to be prepared to face the consequences of paying a higher interest rate on such loans. Make sure you raise your credit score to a respectable level by cleaning up your credit score. Your credit utilization ratio accounts for 35% of this score; attempt to lower this score and you will be on your way to raising your credit score. Where your total debt exceeds 25% of your available credit, you must do something drastic about it before putting in for the loan. Pay as much debt as you can to improve on the credit score and check on reporting errors that you can remove. At that stage, do note tempted to open a new account.

The Lenders

Having taken the steps detailed above, you are now ready to apply for the loan without collateral. A lot needs to be done here as well if you want to get the best on offer meant for you among the options that are available online. The majority of the vendors will give you one promise or the other; the mode of operation varies from each other. Get prepared to invest time into research that will reveal the best among the available options online. What is the type of lending on offer, their required qualifications expected from each lender, what about the repayment fees? All the factors mentioned should be considered before your final decision is made among the online options. If you have taken time to put in place all the measures advised above, then you should invest quality time to get the right vendor online that will work in your best interest. This is the final stage of the process and the most important because a wrong choice will never be in your business interests.


If you can follow all the steps advised above, then getting the collateral-free loan that will give you desired peace of mind will be achieved on a platter of a diamond. It will be a win-win situation for business because the lines will fall in a perfect place for you.


Here Are The Best Small Business Loans For 2019

All businesses are not the same. We have some of the businesses with healthy credit while there are several others with poor credit. Wherever your business falls among the divide, you can get the needed loan to bring life into the business. We shall be considering loans on the basis of strong/weak credits and other business factors.

OnDeck Capital

If you are worried about your bad credit and in a desperate situation to get the desired loan, you can take to OnDeck Capital. Even if your credit score is as low as 500, you will get the loan here. It is pretty difficult for firms with low credit scores to get the funding needed, if you are ready to make do with the higher interest rates here, then you will achieve your aims of getting the loan. The weighted average interest rate according to sources credited to this lender is 25.3% simple interest and 48.7%” annual interest rate. You can get lines of credit and fixed-term loans from this vendor and the funds can get to you within 24 hrs of your application. It is that easy with this vendor.

Credibility Capital

If you have good credit, then you have a wide range of choice before you. Among the available options for the year 2019, you can trust Credibility Capital to deliver best results on offer. If you have a credit score of at least 650, then you are good to go with this lending outfit.  The range of loans is from $10,000 to $400,000 payable between one-three years according to the terms of agreements that you signed. You have to show proof of revenue generation for at least 24 months before you can qualify for this loan. Interest rate ranges between 8% to 20%. You have to show proof of a strong position in business to qualify for this loan.


If the nature of your business is seasonal, then you are strongly advised to limit your search for the best results to Kabbage. If your business is one with an irregular revenue circle, this is the place to be. Companies with %50,000 annual revenue or a monthly revenue of $4,200 will get the nod of approval for their loans. The loans are offered as a line of credit; you can take it at once or decide to spread it across by taking it from your computer as the need arises. You can apply for a maximum of $250,000 and the repayment period is between 6-12 months. The interest rates are from 1.5% to 10%. The rates given are not the annual average; it can go above the margin given.


If your business is a low revenue one or you are just starting out in business, then the place to be if you want to secure the loan with much stress is FundBox. The requirements are lower here and if your business is at least 6 months old and can boast of at least $25,000 in annual revenue, you will get their nod of approval for the loan. There is no minimum credit score and the process is not in any way complicated; you can get credited by the next day. The loan payback period is between 12-week or 24-week periods in a $1,000 to $100,000 amounts. An interest that ranges between 4.66 and 8.99 percent is charged as a weekly fee on each payment.

Lending Club

This is one of the oldest and biggest lending platforms around. Getting the loans is pretty easy here because of the experience of this vendor. The loans here are available in the range of $5,000 to $300,000 and the repayment period is from one year to five years depending on the contract that you signed. The origination fee ranges from 1.99% to 8.99% and the interest rate is from 9.77% to 35.71% in accordance to your line of credit. If you are in business for a period not less than 12 months and you can boast of an annual turnover of $50,000 in sales margin, then you are qualified for this loan.

Funding Circle

If you are a small business executive, then Funding Circle is the best place to be because of their competitive rates and their broad qualification requirements. You can achieve loans ranging from $25,000 to $500,000 here. Repayment period ranges from between 6 months to five years period. The origination fee is determined by your credit score and it ranges between 0.99% to 6.99%. With 620 credit score and business line that is at least 2 years, you are qualified to apply for the loan here.


If you have good credit or bad credit, you know where to go to for best results when it comes to applying for your business loan. The list above represents the best that you can get in terms of loans that will move your business forward. More ideas here –





Can You Get A Business Loan Without Collateral? Get The Tips Here

Several bright business ideas ended up in the dustbin of history because they lacked the financial bite to push them to the next level. Getting collateral for loans is tight because lenders do not want to take a big risk; we shall be looking at ways to get collateral-free loans.

Self Secured Loans

We are going to start on this bright note. If for instance, you want to take a mortgage to buy a loan, the homeowner will stand on your behalf as the collateral in other to beat other competitors to the sale. In the same way, if you want to take a loan for the purchase of equipment financing and inventory financing, the items will act as collateral on the loan. That way you will end up beating the headache of collateral. Another area of getting a loan without collateral is through invoice financing. The loan is based on the strength of your current invoice. Your equipment, inventory, and invoice serve as the collateral on such loans which the lender can fall back on in case there is a default in payment.

Personal Guarantee

Another area where you can get the loan for your small business without passing through the hurdle of collateral is through Personal Guarantee. Here the lender will be required to sign a personal guarantee as part of the agreement. How does it work? There is nothing to lose here in as much as the business is doing fine. In the unfortunate event of bad business, the lender will have access to your personal assets outside the line of business. Your personal assets such as car or house can be seized if you fail to pay the loan back. The risk is not more than that; it is a good way of getting a quick loan without collateral.

Online Term Loans

You can get both long term and short term loans here with differing terms of agreements. The interests on these loans are very high and the payment period is long- some can take as long as five years for some the lenders. Above every other thing, make sure you fully understand the terms of payments before signing the dotted lines of the contract. If you decide to opt for a short term loan, then you have to look at your capacity to repay back on a daily or weekly basis. If you can cope with the terms of payment, both long term and short term Online Term Loans are where to be to get loans for business funding without collateral.

Merchant Cash Advances

Another smart way of getting loans for business without the bottlenecks that come with collateral is through Merchant Cash Advances. The beauty of the system here lies with the fact that you will pay more while business is doing fine and pay less where the sales are not encouraging. This is a flexible arrangement that is good for the health of any business going by the fact that there are great uncertainties in the business world. When you sign the bond, the financing company is buying over a portion of your future sales. However, you are going to pay more in terms of interest rates at the end of the day; this is a factor that you have to bear in mind from the onset.

Business Credit Cards

This is yet another way to finance your business without recourse to the rituals that come with collateral. Though every business owner has a strong credit card, there is a particular card that will serve a useful purpose here. If you are in possession of a 0% intro APR card, then you can go all out to enjoy the benefits of the business loan without any form of collateral. You will be in a position of getting an interest free loan for a period that extends up to about 12 months. When the closing days are approaching, it is strongly advised that you pay back the balance before the interests begin to set in. For the brightest and best options in 0% intro APR card; you can trust the option that is obtained through Amex Blue Business Plus. You are going to get a long 0% APR period and other important benefits.

SBA Loans

This is yet another area that business owners can rely on to get the results that matter at the end of the day. Though this lender might require collateral, it is on record that they will not turn back a qualified borrower on account of lack of collateral. SBA 7(a) loan is the most popular and for loans under $25,000, no collateral will be demanded.


The options mentioned above are smart ways to get the loan for your business without the burden of collateral. Make sure you understand the terms pretty well before you sign the dotted lines to avoid the big issues. The business loans are there, go out for the one that fits into your business plans.



Here Are The Factors To Consider While Choosing A Business Loan

The need for finance for any business concern is a factor that should be handled with delicate care. We shall be looking at areas of concern that every business executive that wants to grow the business line of operation should take note of when considering a loan option for their business.

Your Credit Score

If you do not want to face the embarrassment that comes with default in payment which might bring more harm than good to the business line of operation, then you have to ensure that there are no errors in your credit score. A credit score of 700 is ideal. With a mid-level score of 600, it will attract a higher interest rate upon approval of the loan. Request a copy of your credit report and ensure that all is well with it before you consider the option of a small business loan for your company. If there are errors in it, then take the necessary steps to correct the imbalance before you take the loan.

How Much Do You Require?

After settling the issue of your credit score, another equally important factor that you have to settle before you take the next step is to determine the actual amount that your business needs. Getting more than required for your business will not be in the best interest of the business. The interest might hurt the business. In the same vein, you must not take something below your requirement because you must not go through the process so soon after taking the loan. Include all the fees in the equation that will have you effectively covered.

How Fast Do You Need The Loan?

Time is a perishable commodity and it is an important factor in business. After making projections for the loan, you must determine how fast you need the loan and work towards getting the loan at the appropriate time in other make the impact that you desired in your business.

Make sure the loan you are applying for will get to your account at the time you needed it; anything outside the business time frame will not produce the desired results. It all boils down to preparation. If you know that you will need the loan, then you have to prepare well ahead of time so that the approval will coincide with the needs of your business line operation.

Any careless approach will not give desired results that matter. This is the undoing of many startups, they are guilty of poor timing and that is the reason why their business lines of operation go through avoidable cash stress that would have been prevented if they had applied earlier and with the time factor in mind. If you take the issue of time seriously in business, then your business will grow and will beat all other competitors in your notch; it is the perfect formula to remain competitive at the top.

Shop Around For Better Alternatives

The loan you are trying to get will not come free; there is an interest to be paid on it. Every business owner will want to maximize profit and minimize the costs, this factor should be considered before you apply for any loan.

If you truly wanted to maximize the gains of business, then invest time to look around for cheaper alternatives around you. If there are none, then you have to make efforts at looking at the various interest rates of the lenders before you sign the dotted lines. It might interest you to know that each of the lending houses charges different interest rates, you have to look for one that is favorable. You can look in the direction of Lendio, Fundbox, and Kabbage for loans whose interest rates will not tear into your pockets. More great ideas here.

The Terms

We hear of business deals that went sour because due diligence was not taken when it is necessary. If you wanted to be safe from the embarrassment of signing yourself into financial slavery, then you have to invest ample time to read between the lines before you sign the dotted lines of the contract. Make sure you understand all the terms of the agreement.

If you are in doubt, ask the questions that matter. If the repayment structures something you can effectively handle? Some of the options come with balloon payments, you have to avoid such terms if you desired the best results. It is when you are doubly sure that you can now go on to sign the dotted lines of the agreement.


The above are the factors that you should take into consideration before taking the step of getting a loan for your business. The five steps are very crucial in achieving overall success. If they are followed to the letter, you will get the best landing in the search for a business loan.

Discover The Loans For Women With Small Interest Here

The competition for loans by women in business in this male-dominated world of business is getting increasingly tougher with each day of the week. For women in business, we have put together some areas that they can look up to in 2019 to get the desired loan to move their business in the right direction.

SBA Loans

If you have strong credit and you require a business loan to move you to the next level, the place to be is SBA Loans. This is a government-owned organization with a huge array of resources for women entrepreneurs. The loans are gotten through banks and some direct lenders. The SBA will only come in to subsidize a portion of the loans if the borrower fails in the payment schedule. If you desire a long-time loan, this is the place to be.

There are several options under this category of loans but the chief of them all is 7(a) loan program. It is ideal for new business owners and very big and flexible. The stats for last year show 22% for women at a total amount of $23.5 billion. This is the place to be for women with strong credits interested in long term loans.

Online Loans

If you fall into the category of women in business with poor or strong credit and you are desperately in need of quick cash, then you can fall back on loans that you can access online.

If you fail in the category that we listed above; then you will find the level playing ground online no matter the level of your business line of operations. If an opportunity suddenly comes your way and you want that quick cash, Online Loans will give you the desired broad shoulder that you can lean on.

For women in business with good credit, the place to be is Funding Circle and Lending Club; they offer low rates and long-time financing. If your credit is poor, then you can get results from OnDeck and Kabbage though with higher interest rates.

Microloans for Female Entrepreneurs

For women in business with lower capital needs, we recommend Microloans for Female Entrepreneurs. If you failed to get the larger loans, you can put the disappointment behind you by opting for Microloans for Female Entrepreneurs where you will get desired results. If what you need is a small capital to push your business line forward, then you are well covered here.

or women that run home businesses or are into sole proprietorship and the likes, the best option is to look in the direction of this option if the big lenders shut their doors of opportunity against you. There is a wide range of options that you can take to under the broad umbrella that is obtained here. Invest time to look into the various categories and go for the one that best suits your business line of actions.

Business Lines of Credit

In considering where women cat the desired funding for business loans, we cannot leave out Business Lines of Credit because it is one of the best available options around today. For women entrepreneurs with either a strong or poor credit or who wants a flexible loan option, you can trust the delivery on offer here. For women who are into retail and food services, they can get the best results in terms of loans here.

You will get access to a specific amount of loan and you are at liberty to use only the required amount that you needed. The interest will be charged only on the amount you draw and after payment is made; your credit line will revert to status quo. If you desired lenders that offer the lowest rates of interest, then you can go the way of Lending Club or Credit Junction.

However, qualifying for their terms are an uphill task, you need to be at your best elements if you are to pass their screening test. If your credit is not that strong and you are new in the line of business, the place to be is Kabbage or BlueVine. A woman that wants to start a business are welcomed here; they will grant the loans to woman entrepreneurs with only six months in the business line of operation.

Other Options

The above are four of the best options on offer for women in the year 2019. There other equally bright prospects. Little research efforts, you are going to discover such.


The above areas are where women in business can look up to for the desired loans. Your line of credit will determine where you can get the best results. The fact that you have poor credit will not be a barrier to getting the desired loans. Those with healthy credits also know where to go according to the tips above.


Investment Banking Areas Explained

Capital markets are one of the most fascinating areas of investment banking. Companies need these services when they are about to go public or want to issue debt sold to the public. When a company wants to raise equity, we talk about ECM, standing for Equity Capital Markets, and when it wants to raise debt, we talk about DCM, standing for debt capital markets.